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Hi, this is me: Leonardo Barbosa. I’m thirty-one years old. Ten of them dedicated to advertising as copywriter. When I say ‘dedicated’, well. You know how hard It’s to do a great job.

What is a great job for me? A great job for me is that one which delivers what consumers need. It’s that simple, It’s that hard. It takes a lot of empathy to understand what people want. And It takes a lot of work to make It happen.

In the end, It’s all about making peoples life better. What makes people life? Love? Maybe. But I’m talking about a painless stuff. Money. And guess who has a lot of It? Yey. That’s It: brands. That’s It: money, empathy, people’s life better. I believe that sells better than anything.

We have to sell our products, period. So, let’s make It smoother to everyone. There’s always a way to get there. That simple, that hard. This is just a short selection of works and beliefs. But I do think they’re enough to show the way I’m interested to go.

Nowadays I’m copywriter at Africa DDB, Brazil. If you like my work and my point of view, feel free to get in touch. I’m always looking for new opportunities.

Contact: / +55 11 99913-8897.

Past agencies: VML, wpp (freelancer), DPZT (freelancer), One Digital, Lew’Lara/TBWA, Heads, Isobar, Monumenta, Master.

Main clients: Penguin Books, Itaú Bank, Chevrolet, Intimus, Huggies, Brazilian Government, Young Lions, Mitsubishi, Campari.

Awards and publications:

- London International Awards – Guerrilla Marketing – Bronze.

- Cannes Lions 2012 Promo & Activation Lions – Finalist.

- 4 publications on Lüerzer’s Archive #5/2015.

- 2 publications on Lüerzer’s Archive #6/2018.

- Festival of Media Latam – collaboration award – Silver.

- Most contagious 2013.

- Contagious magazine #32.

- El ojo de Iberoamérica – Direct – Finalist.

- El ojo de Iberoamérica – Promo – Finalist.

- El ojo de Iberoamérica – PR – Finalist.

- Forbes – 10 creative marketing ploys.